Florence Norelli
We had 2 entrees: angel hair carbonara & grilled shrimp salad. Both great. Each was 12.99 . Also an app of rice balls. Pasta came with salad & dessert. Nice meal. Will return.
Nathan “Newt” Tolliver
The pizza is fantastic, chicken marsala is awesome. I really do enjoy eating here. Restaurant is clean, the staff is polite and welcoming.
Ryan Caverly
Went to Picasso for the first time today. Probably most impressive pizza spot ive ever been to. Super nice. Food was about as good as it gets. My friend got a couple slices, and I got a chicken caesar wrap and fries. So good.
Amy Avila
This is a good restaurant with great prices. I eat here every Friday for lunch and I love that they have fresh slices of pizza available everyday. Chicken bacon ranch is my fav along with the buffalo pizza. This place is a must if you are in the area.
Brandon Kummer
The successor to the always delicious Picasso 2!!! My favorite place to eat on the weekends. Excellent food, excellent decor, and good people who have been in the business for a long time. I always recommend the Picasso guys!
Lee Manges
This new branch is incredible. The selection of choices is great and they really put out quality food. Very clean and looks like original setup of Taste of Italy with the pizzas on display at counter. Really generous portions and flavor.
Jilly Pellot
The food here is really good and the staff is really nice too.